Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Where is Jeri Kehn Thompson? A dearth of photos plagues the internet. . .

Ex-Senator Thompson's website has, in the last few weeks, neglected to post any photos of bright and scrumptious Ms. Jeri Kehn. Have they decided against sending her back out on the hustings? Has she virtually thrown in the towel (not likely since she was one of the campaign's main strategists)? Clearly, the moribund campaign is on its last legs.

Have they elected to keep her under wraps since any appearance she makes juxtaposes her winsome MILF-ness against Fred's lumpy and sagging visage? Or is it just to thwart the ongoing Jeri Kehn photo series on All This Is That? We may know more soon. Certainly, the ex-Senator seems likely to throw in the towel, at the latest, by February 5th. Unless he comes to his senses and names Ms. Kehn as his running mate...

If you're jonesing for a Jeri Kehn photo fix, you don't have to paw through Fred Thompson's web site. . .because we;'ve done the mining for you. Check out these Jeri Kehn photo links from the last few months on All This Is That:

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