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The Boss performs "Growing Up"

Bruce Springsteen performs one of his greatest songs in this video.  The middle section of this song can often be a lot of fun.


All This Is That Reheated: from six years ago, "The Skeleton On The Moon"

This article first appeared on ATIT over six years ago.  It is the number ten most downloaded and visited article on this blog (out of 4,700 articles so far).

By Jack Brummet
Extraterrestrial Affairs Editor

This source for this post is an article from MUFON's (the Mutual UFO Network) web site. The authorship--like much of UFOlogy is murky. In any case, it is amusing. You have to admit, it would be a little spooky to find footsteps and bodies on the moon.  And wearing jeans!

America'a Apollo 11 lunar module photographed a human skeleton on the moon when it landed there in 1969.

That's the claim of Chinese astrophysicist Dr. Kang Mao-pang,who first floored the world when he released pictures of bare human footprints on the moon at a news conference in Beijing last winter. The scientist claimed to have received those photos --- which were so secret the Apollo 11 astronauts didn't even know they existed -- from "an unimpeachable U.S. source."

The photograph of the human skeleton was included with a second batch of photos and documents he received from the same source. "The Americans have conspired in a cover-up of monumental and possibly even criminal proportions," Dr. Kang told newsmen in Beijing. "They hid photos of bare human footprints on the moon for 20 years and managed to keep the human skeleton secret even longer. The implications of what they found up there are staggering," he continued. "But the Americans apparently feel that nobody else in the world is privileged enough to share the information."

The story goes that Dr. Kang's allegations stunned U.S. space and intelligence experts, one of whom went into hiding after reporters tried to question him in a Washington, D.C., restaurant. Other sources also allegedly refused to comment--even when told that the Chinese expert has copies of over 1,000 NASA photographs that clearly show bare human footprints and a human skeleton on the lunar surface.

Intriguingly, the skeleton appears to have been wearing jeans. Judging from the position of the bones, it seems likely that the person it belonged to was at least partially dismembered and met with a violent death. It is also probable that the skeleton was transported into space long after the person was killed. The decomposition of bone and flesh would not have been possible in the airless atmosphere of the moon. The Chinese expert further noted that the age of the skeleton cannot be estimated without analyzing the bone firsthand.

"Like the footprints on the moon, these photos were taken by a remote camera aboard the lunar lander and were given to me by an American source who is beyond reproach," said Dr. Kang. "I am also in the possession of classified documents and letters that describe the footprints as being fresh and the skeleton unquestionably human. The question that must be answered is how the footprints and skeleton go to the moon. The obvious implication is that extraterrestrial lifeforms were involved but we'll never know unless the Americans release the information they have."

The documents Dr. Kang quoted from are stamped "top secret" and dated Aug. 3, 1969, which means they were written just two weeks after astronauts Neal Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed and walked on the moon--in boots, not barefoot--on July 20, 1969. Large portions of the text have been redacted in black ink. It's clear that U.S experts agreed extraterrestrials had something to do with the bare footprints and skeleton on the moon.

Repeated attempts to get officials at any level of government to address Dr. Kang's report were unsuccessful. Explained a Washington source: "Nobody's going to say anything until President Bush gives the go-ahead. This isn't any ordinary cover-up. It makesWatergate look like a Sunday School picnic. It's that damn big."

Jack Note:  As wonderful as the story is, it has unfortunately been traced back to the July 15, 1997 issue of  none other than the Weekly World News...

Faces No. 234 - Eat The Wounded

Drawing by Jack Brummet

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

"Throw the bums out!": more reflections on the deficit fiasco

By Jack Brummet, Ethics Editor

Even if we do get through this mess relatively unscathed (which is by no means a given), I think it's time to--as the wonderful Owl Party in Washington State said in the 1970's--"throw the bums out."

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sasquatch sighting No. 7

By Jack Brummet

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Poem: Dosvidaniya, Ivan Ivanovitch by Jack Brummet

Dosvidaniya, Ivan Ivanovitch
by Jack Brummet
Dosvidaniya, Ivan Ivanovitch, [1]
Living your life like it could never last.
Each day feeling the marrow diminish
And each week gone by is a week too fast
From which there is no turning back.
So you cinch it tight and leave no slack

To slip through those pearly towering gates,
Relieved from duty in these United States,
Where you were born but never quite fit.
As the powers that be coil and spit
And the venomed fangs are bare,
You want to abandon ship, but never dare

And you pace and try to raise the nerve,
Hoping and wishing this isn’t Last Call
Before stumbling into that blind curve.
It never comes and now you sit and wait,
And swear this time you'll play it straight,
Hovering in circles until you stall.

[1]   Ivan Ivanovich, the Russian equivalent for 'John Doe' was the name given to a mannequin used in testing the Russian Vostok spacecraft in preparation for its manned missions. Ivan Ivanovich was made to look as lifelike as possible, with eyes, eyebrows, eyelashes and a mouth. He was dressed in a cosmonaut suit, with a sign reading "MAKET" (Russian for ‘‘dummy)’’ placed under his visor, so that anyone who found him after his missions would not think he was a dead cosmonaut or an alien.

Ivan Ivanovitch would also be my name in Russia, since I am John, son of John.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

On My Plate reprints Jack's rendition of Pete Clemenza's spaghetti sauce from The Godfather

By Mona Goldwater, Domestic Arts Editor

On My Plate--James Kiester's food blog--today reprinted Jack's reconstruction of Pete Clemenza's spaghetti sauce (from The Godfather) in a post titled "Big Movies & Big Food."  The article is here.

Friday, July 22, 2011

DO NOT Stick Your Head All The Way Through The Hole!

by Jack Brummet


One Big Error, or, is only seeing believing?

By Pablo Fanque, National Affairs Editor

Maybe the one big error we all make is to not believe what we haven't seen; this runs from the mites that live on our eyelashes all the way up to old God himself (and everything in between).  But seeing is not everything. We do--many of us, anyway--believe in things we can't love.

Sure, we've seen these mites in photographs, but that's quite different from, say, anytime you blink, seeing a herd of cooties skittering from eyelash to eyelash.   Photographic evidence of God is quite scarce.

One bit of good news on the eyelash front is that mites are so efficient that they eat but have no "exit system" or, in short, they are not dropping a deuce in your eye.


Faces No. 231 - drawings by Jack Brummet

Drawings by Jack Brummet


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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

From Nothing Is Cool -- Hitler's take on carmageddon

From NothingIsCoolMovie (, using that great warhorse Downfall, Hitler ponders the impact of the I-405 closure (a/k/a carmageddon).


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Drawing: The Walls

By Jack Brummet
(analog drawing, run through photoshop)


Alien Lore No. 210 - The crash artifacts from Roswell have been tested, and appear to be extraterrestrial

By Jack Brummet
Unexplained Phenomena and Paranormal Editor

According to the Open Minds website, tests have now confirmed that the crash debris from Roswell in 1947 have been tested and are confirmed to not have originated on this earth.

"A teacher at the New Mexico Military Institute in Roswell may have discovered the first scientific evidence of manufactured debris made on another planet. Furthermore, this debris was found near the location where pieces from an alleged flying saucer were discovered outside of Roswell in 1947."

Kimbler swept the crash site, focusing on areas where satellite images indicated possible debris.  He finally uncovered numerous fragments of metallic slag and other peculiar debris.  He had the debris analyzed in a number of tests, including magnesium isotope fractionation tests,

 Magnesium isotope fractionation chart modified from the graph used by Dr. Peter Sturrock in his analysis of the Ubatuba UFO fragment. Magnesium bearing compounds, metals, and minerals should all plot on or very close to the line. A chondite is a type of meteorite and since it does not originate from Earth does not plot on the line. The Roswell AH-1 alloy plots way of the line. The AH-1 plot is an anomaly that is either an analytical error or the material is not from Earth. More testing is needed to verify the data to see if it is an error or its from another world. (image credit: Frank Kimbler)

The Roswell crash debris, 64 years ago

Tests have confirmed the materials did not originate on earth.  Kimbler is being careful before making any definitive claims, but he is “hopeful.” He says certified labs don’t normally make mistakes, and that these people who did the work are some of the best in the business.  However, he is currently having the samples retested by two other laboratories. 

Read the detailed story here, on Open Mind. . .

Friday, July 15, 2011

Separated at birth: Rick Danko of The Band and Sheriff Bullock (Timothy Olyphant) of Deadwood

In this early shot of The Band, the great Rick Danko looks amazingly like Sheriff Bullock in Deadwood (Timothy Olyphant).


Painting: The Fool cheers up The King

By Jack Brummet

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Patrick Francis Brooks's tattoo: he was easy to pick out in the police lineup

By Mona Goldwater
American Jurisprudence Editor

Patrick Francis Brooks, in the cooler at the Shasta County Jail, is being held without bond on charges of burglary, parole violations, receiving stolen property, and forgery.  Brooks was arrested by the Redding, California heat July 11 after he tried to cash a bogus check from Cottonwood Bible Baptist Church.

Patrick Brooks
The owner of the check-cashing store told police the tattoo made him a little suspicious; the fact that Brooks blacked out the church's phone number on the check nailed it.  The check-cashing guy called the minister of the church and found out he did not write the check.  Later police found the church had been burgled for $200 and some checkbooks.

Drawings: Faces No. 225, 225, 227, and 228

Drawings by Jack Brummet

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

From the archives: The Bellingham Photos, Part 2

By Jack Brummet
Chief Archivist, ATIT

I recently posted many of these pictures on Facebook and Picasa, and am just getting around to putting them on ATIT. These are all from slides that had been sitting in a shoebox until I broke them out and scanned them recently. The photos are almost all from 1974-1977.

Click all photos to enlarge (then right click to download if you want them)

Joshua Martin Petersen showing a snake at picnic stadium (Milo & Frances in the outfield)

Keelin at Teddy Bear Cove, but fully clothed (it must have been early spring)

Keelin at the Fairhaven Cemetery

Me on Lake Samish

Jerry, Loch, Kevin, and Jack

Jerry Melin in a shot by Frances, I think

Jerry Melin at Picnic Stadium (and Frances, back to camera)

Milo, Jerry, and me


Vicki, Milo, and Keelin in a photo Kevin caption "badlands"

Trish Nolan and Vicki

Jack, Meredith, Jerry and Milo outside our Connecticut St. Apartment

Other recent photos from the archives:

From The Archives:  The Bellingham Photos, Part 1


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Astronauts wake up to REM's "Man on the moon"

By Jack Brummet
Aerospace Editor

NASA reported today that today’s astronaut wakeup song was ‘Man on the Moon,” by R.E.M.  The transmission to the shuttle also includes a message from Michael Stipe:

“Good morning, Atlantis. This is Michael Stipe from R.E.M. We wish you much success on your mission and thank all the women and men at NASA who have worked on the shuttle for three decades. From Earth, a very good morning to you.”

From The Archives: The Bellingham Slides, Part 1

By Jack Brummet
Chief Archivist, ATIT

I recently posted many of these pictures on Facebook and Picasa, and am just getting around to putting them on ATIT.  These are all from slides that had been sitting in a shoebox until I broke them out and scanned them recently.  The photos are almost all from 1974-1977.

Frances and Vicki

Frances getting ready to bat at Picnic Stadium (a friend who lived in the country's fields)

Kevin, Loch, and Jack at 1310 Franklin St. (where jack and keelin's flat was)

Kevin a/k/a Franco at a parade in Bellingham

Keelin, not sure when or where

Me at Picnic Stadium

Jack and Jerry at our apartment on Connecticut Street

Frances and Jerry

Milo, toasting the cameraman

Rooting for the team at Picnic Stadium

Pegeen and her then husband John
Kathleen and Cindy Knechtel getting ready to fly (not in B'ham, but the San Juans?)

Previously published photos on ATIT: