Saturday, November 04, 2006

Vote Dem On Tuesday -- If We Can't Put Them All In The Hoosegow, Let's At Least Send Them Back Where They Came From!

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Torture? Dems: "We've always been against it."

Three days to go! Don't forget to go to the polls on Tuesday, November 7th. And throw the bums out!

President Bush Silent On Recent Ted Haggard Revelations

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The President--as of Friday, at least--has not yet leapt to the defense of his old buddy, the Reverend Ted Haggard. The White House remains most circumspect on the matter.

A reporter from All This Is That called and emailed the White House numerous times on Friday, inquiring whether the Pastor and The President had also enjoyed homosexual relations. None of the messages were returned as of press time.

An Associated Press photographer present at the photo opportunity pictured above said that as they shot this photograph, The President's right hand rested on Reverend Haggard's buttocks.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Rev. Haggard hauls out the old reliable "just the tip" and "I didn't inhale" defense

Evangelist Ted Haggard confessed today that he bought meth and received a massage from a gay prostitute who claims he was paid for drug-fueled trysts by the outspoken gay marriage opponent. Reverend Haggard was, until this morning, head of the 30 million member National Association of Evangelicals, as well as his own megachurch, with a congregation 14,000 strong.

The Reverend resigned as head of the National Association of Evangelicals [1] and stepped down from the pulpit of his Colorado church while they check out the stories and allegations. Jones recently made the story public when he told a radio station of his three-year sexual relationship with the minister.

Haggard resorted to The Jimmy Swaggart ("I just put the tip in. Just the tip"), [2] and the Bill Clinton ("I never inhaled") defense. He denies actually having sex with Mike Jones, male prostitute, echoing the former President's "I never had sexual relations with that woman."

As for the methamphetamines, Ted Haggard told reporters he bought the meth "because I was curious." He threw it away. "I bought it for myself but never used it." he said. "I was tempted, but I never used it."

[1] Curiously, the NAE's web site is now blank, and "under construction."
[2] Frank Zappa commemorated Swaggart's arrest in Lonesome Cowboy Burt (Swaggart Version):

I huff
And I puff
And I pump up my sanctified erection
Till my cheeks
Puff up
An' turn red
Along with my neck
(Say, varmint!)
I drool
On my shirt
Takes a little while before I squirt
But I've been doin' it for twenty years and they haven't caught me yet
Made a mistake this time!
Now I've sinned.


Friends Don't Let Friends Vote Republican


President Bush's Last Hurrah

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The President is off into the hinterlands, delivering--for him--a firebrand speech hammering on the same old tired issues. I don't know what brain-spams caused these candidates to bring in POTUS when he is riding a sub-40 approval rate--but it can't hurt the Dem prospects!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Poem: Changes 18/Fixing what has spoiled

It is progress
To cross the great water
The wind blows low on the mountain

A righteous leader
Roils the people
And strengthens their spirit

Not by obeying the laws and dictums
But by living
The Good Life

Setting right
What was spoiled by the father
And the mother

The righteous leader
Does not serve kings and princes
The laws on the books

Or Robert's Rules of Order
The righteous leader
Reports to a Higher Authority.

Dr. Condoleezza Rice - Nude Photos update

A year and a half after I wrote this (Dr. Condoleezza Rice - Nude Photos), dozens of people still visit All This Is That searching for photos of the Secretary of State, unclad. Alas, guys and gals, other than a flash or two of thigh through her skirt slit, there appear to be none to be had.

Dr. Condoleezza Rice - Nude Photos
Did you arrive at All This Is That looking for photos of Secretary of State Dr. Condoleezza Rice, nude or in flagrante with men, women, or both? Google shows large numbers of people searching for hot Conde photos. If bona fide photos do exist, I know you, the denizens of the WWW, will find them. Happy Hunting! You'd probably find more interesting pictures of people who pose nekkid professionally, but if you're just interested in sexing up The White House, you're on the right path-- at least it seems preferable to a passel of photos of, say, Paul Wolfowitz or VPOTUS Dick Cheney.../jack---o0o---
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DeLay, Abramoff, Santorum, Foley, and other GOP black sheep band together in a desperate last minute appeal

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The Promised Land: Lyrics by Chuck Berry

I was never a big Chuck Berry fan, but The Promised Land is one of my favorites. . .it has been covered by many people, including James Taylor, The Band (on Moondog Matinee), and in dozens of live performances by The Grateful Dead.

The Promised Land
by Chuck Berry

Left my home in Norfolk, Virginia
California on my mind
Straddled that Greyhound
And rode it into Raleigh
And on across Caroline
We stopped in Charlotte
But we bypassed Rockhill
We never was a minute late
We were ninety miles out of Atlanta by sundown
Rolling out of Georgia state

Had some motor trouble
That turned into a struggle
Half way 'cross Alabam
That hound broke and left us
All stranded in downtown Birmingham

So right away I bought me a through train ticket
Right across Mississippi clean
And I was on that Special Flyer
Out of Birmingham
Smoking into New Orleans

Someone's got to help me get out of Louisiana
Just to help me get to Houston town
There's an uncle there who cares a little about me
And he won't let the poor boy down

Sure as you're born
He bought me a silk suit
Put some luggage in my hand
And I woke up high over Albuquerque
On a jet to the Promised Land

Working on a T-Bone steak
A la carte
Flying over to the Golden State
When the pilot told us that in thirteen minutes
He would have us at the terminal gate

Swing down chariot
Come down easy
Taxi to the terminal dome
Cut your engines
And cool your wings
And let me make it to the telephone

Los Angeles give me Norfolk, Virginia
Tidewater four-ten-O-nine
Tell the folks back home
This is the Promised Land calling
And the poor boy is on the line


Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Further evidence that John Kerry is an imbecile

Reuters reported today that Democratic Sen. John Kerry apologized directly to U.S. troops for his comments about Iraq, and students, that had prompted a firestorm of criticism from Republicans and President George W. Bush.

Kerry said earlier in the day he was sorry for a "botched joke" about Bush that was interpreted as a slam on the U.S. military. Republicans, in their current pathetic position, immediately seized on Kerry's statement. . .as if that could somehow ameliorate the electoral slaughter they are facing next Tuesday.


Growing Up & Having Grown-->True Tales from *All This Is That*

My cousin in law and friend, now spanning many decades (60s--00s), Kev, always hectors me to take the stories of my youth to the next level. . .especially the blue collar/hillbilly tales. He got me thinking about it. . .which may be the first step in actually doing it. I was inspired enough to go through the blog and see what I'd already accumulated. Here are the results:

The 50's

click to enlarge Johnnie Brummet, 1955

Fishing With The Old Man
Uncle Romey
Uncle Guy, more hillbilly cred, and living a good life
My Grandma's tavern in Carnation, Wash.
My Dog Slugger


The 60's

Hucking Eggs in Kent, Washington

Square Dance At Valley Elementary

Foot Washing Baptists & The Catholic Devils

Hillbilly Cred

Growing Up In Kent, Washington: Tarheels, Hayseeds, Hillbillies, and Crackers


The 70's

Cruising the Renton loop with a keg of nails

The Time I Got Drunk With Roy Rogers

My Worst Jobs: 50 Tons of Sand

My Worst Jobs: McGoo

My Pathetic Political Career

The Month They Tried To Kill Me

My Worst Jobs - Brewburger


The 80's

Stopping By Richard Nixon's

Defensive Daydreaming (the only poem in these links, but one of my personal favorites)

Click to enlarge Claire and Jack Brummet , 1986


The 90's

click to enlarge Colum and Del Brummet

My Worst Jobs - Design Insanity - Hype, Shuck, and Jive In The Dot-Com Years

My Worst Jobs - SALSA

Jerry Melin, still missing, still missed


The 00's

18,906 Days On Turtle Island

The Day I went Bald

My Jobs (List Number 9)

My Favorite Rock and Jazz Shows

More Shows I've seen over the years