Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Realist, reheated

By Jack Brummet, 60's Ed.

I didn't know this until today, but The Realist (the complete three decade run) is now available here: This is just one of the many Paul Krassner gems to be mined there. . .

The Posies "Failure" reissued

By Jack Brummet

The Posies played a fantastic show Saturday night at Seattle's Triple Door.  They were alternately fascinated to be playing this, and trepidatious about revisiting the album they recorded when they were seventeen years old.  It was an amazing performance.  Watch the trailer below, and then go buy a copy of their remastered and expanded album, even in Green Vinyl if you have a phonograph. . .


Monday, August 25, 2014

Drawing: Fanes #906 - Kemosabes

By Jack Brummet

click to enlarge

A different pitch: pandhandling outside The Posies show in Seattle last night

By Jack Brummet, Rock and Roll Ed.

We went to the great Posies show last night at the Triple Door in Seattle, celebrating the re-release of the wonderful album that launched their careers.  They recorded this in a basement studio when they were 17 years old.  It was wonderful to see them a little nervously perform this album once again, and see them experience all the emotions of reliving the recording and release, and early moments of their great careers. It's far better than they think.

In any case, leaving the show most happily, we encountered this guy.  Definitely a cut above the usual panhandler.


Sunday, August 24, 2014

Drawing: Faces #905 - hiding

By Jack Brummet


Saturday, August 23, 2014

Not Tetris

By Jack Brummet, Games Ed.

Chris Charla in his online 'zine, Incredibly Strange Games talks about Not Tetris.  This twisted game can be downloaded free, here: http://stabyourself.net/nottetris2/

Prop newspaper from The Godfather: "Vito Corelone Feared Murdered"


Friday, August 22, 2014

Woman killed with banjos

Thanks to our friend Dean Ericksen for passing this one along. maybe the strangest part of the story is that he had a backup banjo, when the first one broke.   /Mona G


Painting: "jack brummet A jury of your peers"

By Jack Brummet


Thursday, August 21, 2014

A brilliant tweet from Robyn Hitchcock on demonizing our fellow homo sapiens

By Mona Goldwater, Social Mores Ed.

Robyn Hitchcock (@RobynHitchcock)
When we stop demonizing each other, peace will come. But the spiral of justified grievance is endless.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Spiders on drugs, spinning webs

By Jack Brummet, Cootie and Critter Ed.

Do you remember the experiments they performed on spiders to see how psychoactive drugs affected their web-spinning abilities? Here is an undrugged web, along with ones created under the influence of mescaline, caffeine, LSD, marijuana, chloral hydrate, and Benzedrine (for you young folks, essentially meth).

Benzedrine web

Caffeine web

chloral hydrate web

LSD web

Marijuana web

Mescaline web

A straight spider, on no drugs

George Bush takes the ALS ice-bucket challenge (and challenges his friend Bill Clinton)