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Melanie Curran song - A History of Seattle


234 mysterious signals from space

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33 short poems

By Jack Brummet

You think one thing,
Say another,
And do a third.

The host and tenant lock
In benign equilibrium.

Each valley followed by a slope.
Every going followed by a return.

There is no relief without an ache,
 And no virus without a host.

Bricks tumble into the moat.
The king's body hangs naked from the flagpole.

For a fleeting moment
The condition for change exists.

A roiling thunderstorm clears the air
Like Wyatt Earp's peacekeeper

A bad beginning can be overcome
But a good end lasts forever

When you strip away the stage flats, makeup, and costumes,
It’s all one story starring our private heroes and dreams.

He was ready to live again
Even if living just meant running
To keep ahead of the ghosts.
It’s so still and calm
In the mosque,
You could hear a fly expire.

The Marriage

Two tattered mannequins
Prop each other up
In the Salvation Army Store window
Gone Fishing

As the forests swamps and bones turn slowly to coal
The last pterodactyl
Soars overhead, calling for a friend.

It's so quiet you hear
dust motes six feet up
bump in shafts of sunlight.
Take the worst that could happen
And add two zeros.

High fidelity clouds gather over
The tattered stage flats of a world on fire.
It's Getting Crowded

We cover the earth with Venn Diagrams
As our steps bisect old steps.

The glass is not half-full

I saw our dreams disappear
Like a white pony
Over a low grassy hill.

The Golden Rule

Listen to the songbirds trill
But keep an eye
On the buzzard section.

An orchard of salt pillars
Circles Gomorrah's ashes:
Lot's Wife had no name.

 If I don’t write it down
The words race away
Like a hit and run driver

Your Wooden Leg

Run if you still can.
Drag that wooden leg behind you,
But keep up, jogging after your pipe-dream.

Weather Report

Life is a raindrop
Sizzling as it skitters
Across the universal griddle.

"And after all, what is a lie? ’Tis but the truth in masquerade"
The truth exists; the lie must be created.


There is no tomorrow
until we get through
the day after yesterday


In your chest beats the heart of a Good Samaritan
Who never quite got off the starting blocks

Torches & Pitchforks

The whole
Is far less than the sum
Of its parts:

Mission Statement

The Army has two duties
To break things, and kill people;
Everything else is just fluff and overhead.


We weave around and through
Unseen hazards and shoals,

Always feeling less safe
Than we actually are.

The Odds
Simple probability and statistics
Tell us ineluctably that the more times
You stick your head In the lion's mouth,
The more likely it is that one day he will close it.

The Man In The Mirror

There's a civil war in his head:
Lobe against lobe.
Falling per se is not a bad thing.
The problems arise when falling
Becomes not falling, or, the uncontrolled landing problem.

The Return Of The Kings

We never picture the aliens
Coming in peace
Because we never came in peace.

Arthur John Provis's Paul Starr Pilot (1964)

Arthur John Provis was an English cinematographer and producer, best known for co-founding AP Films ("Anderson-Provis" Films) with Gerry Anderson.  This pilot was never picked up.  A few years later he gave up on puppet shows and went back to filming commercials.