Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Florida voters weigh in on Donald J. Trump's debate performance


Donald J. Trump cashed a thirteen cent check

In 1990, Spy magazine performed an interesting experiment to find out "Who is America's cheapest zillionaire?"
Spy sent various people a 13 cent check , and waited to see who would actually cash it. They sent the checks to the home addresses of the rich people. DJT cashed his. So did the Saudi businessman Adnan Khashoggi.


Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Donald Trump gets taken to Chinatown

by Jack Brummet, Republican Family Values Editor

Of all the things DJT said in the Presidential Debate last night, what most offended me was when he referred to President Obama as “your President” while speaking to Hillary late in the debate. It flared up on FB, Reddit, Twitter, and other sites. Was this tied into his earlier refusal to apologize ("I have nothing to say.") for his five year birther jihad; because he believed [and still believes] the President is illegitimate and therefore not his President? To have not said Our President offended me most, but I imagine everyone has their own choices...God knows he gave the nation so many tonight.
"Not global warming, like you think and your President thinks.” - Donald J. Trump

This debate will go down as a turning point in 2016 and in the annals of great/insane debates. In the spin room, Rudy G said he wasn't sure if Donald would be attending the next two debates. Interestingly, the guy who boasted of his testosterone levels a couple of weeks ago (and by implication, last night)couldn't find the "stamina" to finish the debate.
Trump would be smart to duck out; he has nothing to lose, and would, probably, be cutting his losses. Sure, we'll call him a pussy, but all the razzing and the media barrage would be nothing compared to one more monumental f***up like this. I'm sure his base loves him still, but he lost the outliers tonight, and I'll be really surprised if his head to head national poll numbers don't show a 6% drop by next week.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Shaming ads from the rag trade, circa 1957

Dress right!  The American Institute of Men's and Boys' Wear ran ads in 1957 seeking to increase men's clothing sales using outright shame and scare tactics.