Sunday, April 23, 2006

More LBJ photos, and LBJ links on all this is that

We have published numerous articles and interesting photos of LBJ over the years. My favorites are the photos of various people receiving what came to be known as "the Johnson Treatment." And then there's maybe my favorite political photograph of all time. . .the one where JFK seems to be trying to pipe LBJ down. Links to some of these follow. /jack

One of the heroes and villains paintings

LBJ In A Characteristic Pose

Running Mates: Senators Lyndon Johnson And JFK

The Johnson Treatment, Part 6: The Hump and Senator Russell get the treatment

The Johnson Treatment, Part 5: Senator Richard Russell (Dem., Georgia) Undergoes The Treatment

The Johnson Treatment, Part 4: President Johnson Gives The Treatment To Supreme Court Justice Abe Fortas

The Johnson Treatment, Part 3: LBJ Gives Eartha Kitt The Treatment

The Johnson Treatment, Part 2: Richard M. Nixon, Republican Presidential Front-runner Gets The Treatment

The Johnson Treatment


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