Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Alien Lore No. 243 - The 5 Hour Alien Video that may or may not exist

By Jack Brummet, Unexplained Phenomena/Alien Lore Editor

[thanks for the news tip to Jeff Clinton]

purported screen grab from the five hour video
"The 5 Hour Video" (unofficially named by Anonymous?) was first mentioned on various underground sites (known sometimes as the "deep web").  The sites discuss a  five hour long video with footage of aliens (including the murder of aliens) that was found on that murky deep web.  Many people involved in the contentious discussions around this video believe there is no video at all.
However, many people claim to have seen the video, although it has never shown up online (despite multiple search efforts), and the only "evidence" are the several supposed screen captures.  It seems highly unlikely no one has actually been able to track this down.



Jordan Earls said...

I've seen the video before, and no I'm not trolling. It was on youtube a while back, don't think it was 5 hours though, more like 3. It was like a mexican presentation of ufo and alien evidence. I remember it showing several images like the one above, as well as footage. I saw it maybe 5 years ago when I was looking through random videos, and it came up, it was only recently I realized people had made such a big thing about it. The video most certainly does exist, I assume it just got deleted a while ago.

Anonymous said...

Funny how all the screen captures (supposedly from the same video) are of different resolutions and aspect ratios.