Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Index to the Paintings And Thumbnail Biographes of The Presidents Of The United States

This series is now complete. All the Presidents have had their turn. The list below provides links to the paintings and thumbnail bios, in order! /jack

POTUS 1: The First President Of The United States, Pres. George Washington a/k/a The General a/k/a The Father Of Our Country
POTUS 2: President John Adams, The Only President Defeated For Re-election By His Own Vice-President
POTUS 3: Pres. Thomas Jefferson
POTUS 4: President James Madison, The First President To Wear Pants
POTUS 5: Pres. James Monroe
POTUS 6: President John Quincy Adams - First Son Of A President To Become President And The First President To Become A Congressman Post-White House
POTUS 7: Pres. Andrew "Old Hickory" Jackson - The Star Of The $20 Dollar Bill
POTUS 8: President Martin Van Buren
POTUS 9: Pres. William Henry Harrison - The Drive By President
POTUS 10: Pres. John Tyler - The First Accidental President
POTUS 11: Pres. James Polk - The Man With The Mullet
POTUS 12: Pres. Zachary Taylor - The President Who Mostly Closely Resembled Mel Brooks
POTUS 13 - Pres. Millard Fillmore: Another Partial Term President
POTUS 14: Pres. Franklin Pierce - The Most Handsome President?
POTUS 15: President James Buchanan, The Man Who Left A Divided Country And War For Pres. Abraham Lincoln
POTUS 16: Pres. Abraham Lincoln - The Most Beloved President?
POTUS 17: Pres. Andrew Johnson - The Worst President Ever
POTUS 18: Pres. Ulysses Grant - The Man Inside Grant's Tomb
POTUS 19: Pres. Rutherford B. Hayes - "Rutherfraud"
POTUS 20: Pres. James Garfield
POTUS 21: Pres. Chester Alan Arthur - Accidental, Partial One-Term President, Owner Of Some Impressive Muttonchops, And Dandy
POTUS 22: President Grover Cleveland - The Man Who Was President Twice
POTUS 23: Pres. Benjamin Harrison - The Last Bearded President
POTUS 24: President Grover Cleveland - The Man Who Was President Twice
POTUS 25: President William McKinley - Puppet Or Visionary?
POTUS 26: President Theodore Roosevelt - The Roughrider
POTUS 27: Pres. William Howard Taft - Who Preferred To Be Remembered As Chief Justice
POTUS 28: President Woodrow Wilson - The President Who Short-Circuited & POTUS 28A: President Edith Wilson
POTUS 29: Pres. Warren G. Harding - He Never Lived To Rue The Day
POTUS 30: President Calvin Coolidge "Keep Cool With Coolidge"
POTUS 31: President Herbert Hoover - The Scapegoat
POTUS 32: President Franklin Delano Roosevelt - The Man In The Wheelchair Who Lifted The Country On His Shoulders; The Only POTUS To Win Four Terms
POTUS 33: President Harry Truman - "The Buck Stops Here"
POTUS 34: Pres. Dwight D. Eisenhower - A Most Detached President
POTUS 35: Pres. Jack Kennedy - Johnny We Hardly Knew Ye
POTUS 36: Pres. Lyndon Baines Johnson - Majority Leader, Accidental President, Hawk
POTUS 37: Pres. Richard Milhous Nixon - Tricky Dick And The Comedy Of Errors
POTUS 38: Pres. Gerald R. Ford - Pardon Me, Mister President!
POTUS 39: President James Earl Carter - Not As Bad A President As You Have Been Led To Believe, But Rather A Victim Of Circumstance
POTUS 40: Pres. Ronald "Dutch" Reagan - B Movie Actor To President
POTUS 41: Pres. George Herbert Walker ("Read My Lips") Bush
POTUS 42: Pres. William Jefferson Clinton - The Comeback Kid
POTUS 43: Pres. George W. Bush - One Of The Nearly 5% Of Presidents Who Are Sons Of Presidents

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