Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Painting & A Poem In The Painting [detail from I Read The News Today] Poem: The sous-chef is a sociopath]

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This is a detail from a large painting (which will appear later this week) I did while I was working at Wall Data (for more on that fiasco, check out the All This Is That archives for November, 2004. The embedded poem is about a developer (aka programmer) we worked with, and I use the term "worked with" loosely.

[the sous-chef is a sociopath]

the sous-chef is a sociopath
sozzled in his satin salsa
nothing's cooking now
in that faux kitchen
but fog soup
the objects
are so disambiguated
their shadows disappear--pffft
they've become so clear
they're lost
in the frieze
of their pipedreams
or they're off by one
multiplying the frammis
and regress to null. . .zed

bugs breeding in stacked hidden nests

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