Thursday, May 19, 2005

Seven Year Art Project, No.12 (the final example)

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ok. Enough. I won't publish images of the other 138 canvases I did in this art project.

It's on to more poems and more stories. I am going to continue the My Worst Jobs series shortly, with Working At The Fish, and My Year As An Orderly In The Dementia Ward.
have also been kicking around a new series of digital art--it have been thinking about famous murderers, Woman Who Changes The World, and maybe one on artists.

I am in Los Angeles at E3 right now. . .I just escaped. . .we are staying at a hotel in West Hollywood and going with my company tonight to see the final Star Wars movie. The show today was the usual assault on the senses.

More later...I find it difficult to use Keelin's laptop. . .mainly the built in mouse...I've never been able to master those.



Segarin said...

Actually, I'd like to see some more of your 7 Year art project paintings. Are they posted anyplace else?

Jack Brummet said...

There are azbout 12, all posted in the month of May, I think.

You should be able to get there. Right now, I cannot post anything at all, but that should be fixed pretty soon! /jack