Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Seven Year Art Project, Part 3 - Painting: Amusement Only

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This is one of the eight non-portrait canvases from this project. Aside from the acrylic paint, pen, ink, and Sharpie, it incorporates

my favorite number
hobo signs
a barking dolphin
a piece of Ripley's believe it or not
a symbol alleged to be from a UFO's logo
a clip from a newspaper about duct tape over a sensor causing a jet crash
pieces of a dollar bill
a Herman Melville postage stamp
a free drink card from Microsoft
my luggage tag from my last trip to Tucson
a boneless sticker
a chunk of a marine hatband
a piece of cloth with Chinese characters
a Mexican lottery card
an amusement only sign from a pinball machine
two postage stamps from The Republic of San Marino.


Anonymous said...

Is the 23 in reference to the law of fives? Sto wants to know.

Jack Brummet said...

No. It's always been a favorite number for various reasons: I like the rhythm; one of the great Posies albums is Dear 23; it's the birthday of my friend Milo Petersen (seattle jazz guy, and someone I've known since I was six months old!).

I assume Sto meant the band Law of Fives--who probably weren't even a band when I painted this (around five years ago). /jack

Anonymous said...

He was actually talking about the illuminati. :P

Jack Brummet said...

Nope. I barely knew anything about them. At least the alien-IFO theorists have a quirky, nutty charm...these cats are spooky!