Thursday, May 12, 2005

Wholesome Female Swimwear: $89 Cheap

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At last! Wholesomewear. I can finally go to the beach and not feel distracted by swim attire, the peekaboo views, curves, and anatomical outlines. These are outfits Jimmy Swaggart, The Ayatollah Khomeni, or former Attorney General John Ashcroft could feel good about.

Features include: bright colors at the neck and shoulders to draw the eye to the face, the loose fitting outer garments limit cling and body definition, and some of the suits are "slenderizing." Goodbye erect nipples, genital and and buttock outlines. Hey wait. . .the beach is just not going to be the same after these babies catch on!


El Snoozo said...

Nice..I can't wait till they recall these because the skirt will get snagged on some underwater branch and drown some girl.

Then it's back to the ooogling..then again most of the women who would wear these probably wouldn't be "oogle" material..They are probably card carrying members of the PTC, and spend their time calling to complain about Spongebob being "gay" instead of getting their asses on a treadmill so they can get in a real swimsuit.

Anonymous said...

Most importantly, you can wear you garmie underneath.

Jack Brummet said...

Gee, I think I can identify the person who posted the "garmie: comment. . .a person who has made scholarship of the LDS an avocation! Let's face it, there is much to learn.