Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Happy Flag Day!

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A great flag scene from one of my favorite movies.

No one celebrates Flag Day much anymore. When I was a kid, I remember flags every five feet, up and down each side of Meeker Street. The D.A.V. and Civitan Clubs sold flags and lapel flags on the street corner.

About half the country seems to be have magnetic bunting and pro-war ribbons attached to their cars. There were flags everywhere following September 11, 2001, but the actual fervor has visibly dimiished. You'd think every street in America would be awash in flags with the resurgence in jingoism following 9/11.

At the risk of being a reprobate to the Democratic/leftist flange, I think flag waving is OK.

At the risk of being anathema to the Republican/hard rightists, I think flag burning is OK too. It usually seems kind of silly, but it does get attention with its shock factor.

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