Tuesday, September 20, 2005

President Clinton Takes The Gloves Off

Even as he is closely involved with Ex-President Bush, raising money for Hurricane Katrina relief, the former president took off the gloves this weekend, ripping into The President for financing our war(s) with loans from China /deficit financing; for reacting slowly to Hurricane Katrina, and helping the wrong people; for ridiculous tax cuts "for people like me."

I don't think a former President has ever come out like this against a sitting President. It's prety interesting. . .it has to make things a little frosty when the Ex-Presidents club gets together for fund-raisers!

Ex-President Truman did rip into JFK during the 1960 election, but never criticized him after he assumed office (not publicly anyway).

I think we're starting to see some previews of Bill on the campaign trail for Senator Clinton in 2008.

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