Sunday, September 11, 2005

The Surprise At The Divorce Crocodile CD Release Party

Following up on yesterday's posting on The Divorce. . .headliners The Divorce took the stage at The Crocodile at about 12:10 A.M. Around 12:30 the bassist, Jimmy Curran, walked up to the microphone and stopped the song "Yes" mid-way through. He then made a couple of comments about his girlfriend being his best friend, brought her up on stage, asked her to spend her life with him, whipped out a ring, and asked her and marry him. All of a sudden the audience was plunged into a mini-drama, like a reality show. We didn't know his girlfriend. Would she wig out?! Say no?! The possibilities were endless!

She said yes (whew!). The band finished the song. And Jimmy Curran was engaged.

The Prospective Groom
This must be a first at The Crocodile. . .I haven't heard of this happening there (or at any rock show) before. I'd bet a body part that Kurt didn't propose to Courtney there.

Jimmy has mentioned the day before at Sonic Boom that there would be a big surprise at the show. I figured Peter Buck, Jon Auer or someone would sit in. Well, it was a surprise for most of the 500 people there, although his sisters and parents--who came to the show from Spokane--were in on the secret. . .

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MJAPA said...

Aww! I never heard this story! That is so sweet! My husband proposed to me on stage as well during a long winters show on New Years Eve. It was the coolest thing ever!