Thursday, April 06, 2006

A second joke I know by heart

OK, I lied when I said I only knew one joke by heart. Yes, besides the Ungawa joke, there's the Kangaroo joke:

A proper British couple saved their money all year to go on holiday to the outback of Australia. It was to be a real "rugged" adventure. After am endless airplane flight, and a savage bus ride into the Outback, they arrived at their long-awaited destination. . .a tarpaper shack in a clearing with several Land Rovers parked on the side.

Tired, but eager to get started, they went in to speak with the "tour director. "

"G'day mates", said a friendly man behind the counter. "Here's some keys for a Rover and a map. Just follow the trail along and you'll circle back 'round after a few hours." The couple took the keys, jumped in one of the trucks and proceeded along the trail.

About a mile down the trail, they happened on an aborigine who was right in the middle of the road, hopping wildy about, and having sex with a kangaroo. The woman turned to her husband in shock: "Barbarians!", she said. "Drive around...that's disgusting!!"

The man detoured around the man and beast, and resumed the ride. . .horrified by what they'd just witnessed. No sooner had they stopped talking about the incident when they happened upon a one-legged aborigine, screwing a knothole in a tree by the road.

"Savages!!" the woman cried in horror. "Turn this truck around! I can't take any more of this!!" Her husband complied and they returned to the shack. Finding the director again behind the desk, the man exploded: "We've saved all year to come on this trip! We wanted to enjoy the beauty of the wilderness, and what do we see? First, there's a pervert screwing a kangaroo in road, then a one legged man screwing a tree!!! I can't tell you how disappointed we are!"

"Aw, c'mon now mate" said the director..."You can't expect a one-legged bloke to manage a roo!"

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