Thursday, October 11, 2007

Poem: Grey U.S.A.

No one knows how this ends.
No one knows how this begins.
Sifting through it all—the "facts," misinformation,
Speeches, debunkings, skeptics, videotapes,
Photographs, confabulations, eyewitness accounts,
And the endless reams of forged and redacted documents,
Lies, hype, shuck and jive,
Government moves and countermoves—
Leaves us about where we started,
With a broken roadmap of UFO lore.

The government was spooked
By all the strange flying objects in the 1930's.
In World War II, the Foo Fighters
Appeared to be witnessing the conflict
As interested observers and historians.
The Nazis not only had alien contacts
But came to be in cahoots with the Greys,
Working together on UFOs and moon bases.
It wasn't until July 2, 1947

When the greys crashed a saucer at Roswell
That it became clear aliens were at the wheel
Of the unidentified flying objects and saucers.
MJ-12 was formed in response to some low-level flights
The greys made over the White House.
Majestic arranged a meet with the greys.

After hearing tales of the impending invasion
Of man-eating reptoid aliens. MJ-12 signed a treaty
That allowed abductions of a limited number of people
Who were returned mostly unharmed.
In exchange, Americans received a technology transfer
And Area 51 became the testing ground
For newly acquired saucers and technologies.
By the mid-1950s America was on the moon (secretly of course).
Around 1968, MJ-12 began to suspect
That the greys were not
Living up to their end of the bargain.
They took far more people than planned
And implanted them with two millimetre mind-control devices.
The throwbacks were now all Manchurian Candidates
The greys corralled three million
Greys, humans, and hybrids to live
In underground bases, like Dulce, in the South West.
And then the reptoids arrived.
On cue, the greys will release an army
Of zombies from the underground bases.
The implanted abductees will then be switched on
And instructed to blow up power stations
And create mayhem. In short time, the reptoids

And their faithful grey allies will rule the earth.
Even with captured and controlled human zombies
The reptoid-grey alliance know they can't go it alone.
They've got their own human accomplices:
In government, the UN, the banks, and the media.
MJ-12 has its own back-up plan.
If the invasion story ever gets out,
Majestic will declare martial law,
Imprison abductees and stick them in camps
Before they can even take over a kool-aid stand.
Of course, majestic also knows
They'll have to deal with the true patriots,
Who will be interred in the camps as well.
No one knows how this ends.
No one knows how this begins.

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