Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Hillary "1984" Ad: Sen. Obama v. Sen. Clinton

The Sen. Barack Hussein Obama campaign claims it has nothing to do with the ad attacking Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton. Of course. The San Francisco Chronicle says:

"It may be the most stunning and creative attack ad yet for a 2008 presidential candidate -- one experts say could represent a watershed moment in 21st century media and political advertising."

You might need to click twice to get the video to play...

So far, the author of the mash-up of the old Apple Computer "1984" ad has not come forward. The ad is only available on the internet (like, YouTube, and a few thousand blogs or so...).

What we do know now, early in the Presidential sweepstakes, is that campaigns no longer control their supporters. On the other hand, we don't know the Obama campaign isn't behind this in some fashion. If this is the opening salvo, this is going to be a fascinating capaign. . .

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