Thursday, March 08, 2007

That's no blood clot: The new Dick Cheney cover-up

X-ray by Bethesda Naval Medical Center

A source within the White House told All This Is That on Wednesday that the "blood clot" in Vice-President Dick Cheney's left leg does not exist. The blood clot is a cover story for what doctors actually found. Naval Surgeons Dr. Roy Benson and Dr. Daniel Fitch found something far more insidious than a blood clot.

X-rays reveal what appears to be a metal object lodged in the Vice President's leg. Cheney has no record of previous surgery on his legs. The surgeons alerted the White House which, in turn, sent in a phalange of Majestic medical experts along with an artifact recovery squad and counterintelligence experts (who immediately halted all communications from within the hospital and sealed off Bethesda Naval Medical Center).

U.S. Navy Surgeons Dr. Roy Benson and Dr. Daniel Fitch

According to our source, a similar device was recovered from alien crash victims at Roswell, New Mexico, as well as from victims in the Carp, Ontario UFO crash. The device has been recovered from other humans and cattle infected with a virus of unknown origin. Sources speculate that the object seems to be a receiver and transmitter, utilizing frequencies unknown to us. It is not known whether the Vice-President was pitching or catching, whether he is part of an alien hive, or the unwitting victim of an implantation.

Device recovered from Roswell, NM UFO crash victims


claudette said...

To me, it looks like he had an Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) reconstruction with a GIANT interference screw. Perhaps that's how they do it on Mars?

Jack Brummet said...

I love that you know what it was Claudette!