Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Poem: Pentateuch Tales 2/How the first baby in the world commited the first murder

After they were kicked out of the garden
Adam and Eve went out into the world
To live and to work

For a time they were all alone
But one thing led to another
And God gave them a child

Eve named the first baby
In the world Cain
And named the next child Abel

When the two boys grew up
Cain worked in the fields raising grain and fruit
Abel became a shepherd

When Adam and Eve lived in the Garden
They talked with God and heard Him speak
But now out in the world

They could no longer talk with God
So they built an altar of stones
And burned offerings for the God

Whom they could not see
At the altar they made a prayer
Asking God to forgive their sins

And all that they had done wrong
They asked God to bless them
And rain good upon them

The brothers made offerings
Cain brought fruits and the grain he had grown
Abel brought a sheep from his flock

Killed it and burned it upon the altar
God was pleased with Abel and his offering
But was not pleased with Cain's fruit and grains

Maybe God wanted Cain to offer a life
Maybe Cain's heart was dark when he came to God
God showed he was not pleased with Cain

Instead of being sorry for his sin
Cain was very angry with God
And his brother Abel

When they were in the field together
Cain smote Abel and killed him
God said to Cain, where is your brother Abel?

Cain said I do not know
I am not my brother's keeper
God said What have you done?

Your brother's blood is like a voice
Crying to me from the ground
Do you see how the ground has opened

Like a mouth to drink your brother's blood?
As long as you live you shall be suffer my wrath
You will wander the earth and never find a home

And no direction home
Because you did this wicked deed
Cain said to the Lord

You have driven me away from the people
And you hide your face from me
If anyone finds me they will kill me

I will be alone and have no friends
God said to Cain if anyone harms you
They too will be punished

And the Lord placed a mark on Cain
So all who met him would know
God forbade any man to harm him

Cain and his wife went away from Adam's home
To live in a place by themselves
And they had children

They built a city
And Cain named the city
After his first child Enoch.

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