Monday, June 25, 2007

Who is "Carlo" on the last Soprano's episode?

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Many people are puzzled by the reference to Carlo on the final episode of The Sopranos. Carlo Gervasi apparently becomes an informant after his son is busted. Several references in the last show allude to Carlo's upcoming testimony against Anthony. This is not the Carlo who was killed earlier in the series. Carlo Gervasi, played by Arthur J. Nascarella.

Carlo Gervasi first appears in Season Four, as a captain of Jimmy Altieri's old crew (Jimmy you may remember was also disposed of as a rat). Gervasi runs the Bloomfield Avenue casino, and was part of the Soprano family's port hijackings. In Season 6, Carlo attended two celebration dinners at Nuovo Vesuvio, first when his cousin Burt Gervasi becomes a made man and a second when he attends Christopher's bachelor party.

After Vito's murder, Gervasi is given all of his construction action. He stated once that he wanted Spatafore "dragged behind his car." When Tony decided that Spatafore had to be killed, Silvio (Steven Van Zandt) suggested Gervasi for the job because of his views. Carlo later avenged his family's honor in a memorable episode by stabbing Fat Dom for making jokes about Spatafore's murder and implying that Gervasi was also gay. He freaked out and stabbed him in the back room of Satriale's Pork Store with Silvio also getting sucked into the action. Tony Soprano discovers them waiting to dispose of the body and was angry because of the murder's possible blowback. Gervasi takes charge of disposing of Gamiello's body and even drives to Connecticut to deposit his head in a storm drain, if you remember that scene earlier in the season. You actually did see Carlo a great deal, but the glimpses were usually fleeting.

In the series finale, Gervasi's son is picked up by the FBI for drug-dealing. When Carlo fails to show up for a meeting with Paulie Walnuts, he warns Tony that he may be cutting a deal. Soprano's attorney confirms that someone is, in fact testifying before a grand jury and that indictments are forthcoming. In the final scene, Tony tells Carmela that Carlo is testifying, thus confirming that he turned informant to keep his son out of jail and possibly out of revenge for the murder of his cousin.


Kev said...

You know that I can't shed any light on the mystery Carlo since I am still relatively in the dark about the final 4 episodes. I forgot to mention while we discussed the Sopranos during your visit that I am a neighbor of the young Johnny Soprano (Joe Sirano) good guy who lives in the PH at 150. In fact, I remember riding the elevator with Johnny & his young wife Livia a number of years ago (the young Livia as played by Laila Robbins) during a time that the twp very likely were working on the series. By the way, you haven't weighed in on the ending. Satisfied, unsatisfied or wildly unsatisfied?

Jack Brummet said...

I absolutely loved the ending. I don't understand all the ruckus. The last episode was magnificent in every way and the best sendoff for any show I have ever seen. I would not have changed anything...even including the Journey music. It was Shakespearean, it was all-American. For my part, it was a fantastically riveting sendoff. David Chase is a god.

biff said...

Amazing ending....could not have been done better and I am left wanting whilst satisfied with the way it was left. It was tense and teasing all the way through but for me just perfect for this superb show. The best show ever and I cannot wait to start on the box set yet again.

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