Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Poem: Midnight Madness

You can't see earth
From the dark side of the moon
But maybe that changes

With the accelerating deceleration
Of the moon and earth.
A waning Gibbous moon

Dangles overhead tonight
And The Sea of Tranquility
Looks like a menacing sinkhole.

Back in Seattle,
1.3 light seconds
From the moon,

A fog slithers in,
Wraps itself around houses,
Trees, shrubs, and churches,

And creeps along the ground,
Insidiously threading its way
Like a horror movie fog

Or a gauzy stage flat
Framing something terrible about to happen.
I wonder if the moon and fog

Really do cause madness and murder?
I've never bought the stories
About a full moon triggering mayhem,

But then I don't actually know
If our brains have tides
And if they do, if it matters.

The moon
And the fog
Are in cahoots.

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