Thursday, January 24, 2008

Back in Bucerias

La Cocina de Jorges --click to enlarge. Jorges runs our favorite breakfast place, an open air restaurant with great eggs, fresh orange juice, tacos, etc. When we first came to Bucerias, it was Cocina de Linda. But Jorge took over in about 1999. He now talks to us in English even though we prefer Spanish. A great local spot where you rarely ever see gringos.

Click to enlarge - A taco stand at the fiesta, this one specializing in tacos made from the heads of cows (or Beeves as Shakespeare
would have said): lengua=tongue (I have had some excellent tongue tacos); labio=lips; carnaza=tidbits (which I assume means
the tasty bits of the headthat are sometimes used to make things like headcheese and scrapple; sesos=brains.

I flew into Bucerias from L.A. (and got bumped to first class) this morning, to meet Keelin and our friends Dave and Maureen. We are staying in a different house than our previous three visits, and as often happens, there is a fiesta in town. As also often happens it is a fiesta dedicated to the Virgin Mary in one of her forms (this one I think being our Lady of La Paz).

The town is full of Mexican tourists and people from nearby villages and towns. There are dozens of food booths, the usual, rickety travelling amusement rides, souvenir booths, hot dog stands, and many taco stands, agua freesca booths, and fruit stands. Different than previous fiestas we have witnessed are about ten drink stands purveying tequila and rum (ron) drinks. Obviously not all are dedicated to Mechicanos...check out some of the names of drinks apparently aimed at the honky/gringo/gabacho audience. Since I'm fried, I'll just add a few pictures and tell you more tomorrow.

The heartbreakingly simple Catholic Church in Bucerias (it's always open). You might not scoff at religion if you walked in on Sunday and saw the place filled with true believers. Click to enlarge.

Click to enlarge - You'd think we were in Puerto Vallarta with the retarded drink names like Adios Motherfu**er and Orgasmo, and Sex On La Playa. This is our fourth trip here, but the first time we've seen the locals get into serious drinking. But in moderation, of course. . .I have never seen anyone drunk here, except American tourists. But you have to admit Adios MF is a pretty good name for a drink. I was tempted!

Click to enlarge - The town square or Zocolo. They also have a bandstand in the middle of the square, and during the festival, there are many (we saw at least ten or fifteen) traditional Mexican brass bands--with trumpets, trombones, tubas, and I even saw a French Horn, along with a couple of drummers. In the town square there were at least three playing simultaneously at all times.

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