Monday, January 07, 2008

Drudge Report predicts Hillary exit, stage left

Senator Hillary Clinton: relegated to the shadows?

According to the Drudge Report, tomorrow's likely double-digit defeat in New Hampshire, a collapse in national polls and a probable drastic fund-raising slowdown are pushing Hillary Clinton to pull out of the race.

"Senator Hillary Clinton is preparing for a tough decision: Does she get out of the race? And when?! 'She can't take multiple double-digit losses in New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada," laments one top campaign insider to the DRUDGE REPORT. "If she gets too badly embarrassed, it will really harm her. She doesn't want the Clinton brand to be damaged with back-to-back-to-back defeats."Meanwhile, Democrat hopeful John Edwards has confided to senior staff that he is staying in the race because Hillary "could soon be out." "Her money is going to dry up," Edwards confided, a top source said Monday morning.

"Key players in Clinton's inner circle are said to be split. James Carville is urging her to fight it out through at least February and Super Tuesday, where she has a shot at thwarting Barack Obama in a big state. "She did not work this hard to get out after one state! All this talk is nonsense," said one top adviser. But others close to the former first lady now see no possible road to victory, sources claim. "

Take it for what it's worth. Matt Drudge is often right on the money. On the other hand, he has also had headlines about the John Edward's love-child, and an unnamed Obama scandal, neither of which actually materialized. Neither of those two bogus stories were ever retracted or corrected.


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