Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Senators McCain and Clinton win in New Hampshire: stayin' alive

I am in Boston tonight, about 30 miles from ground zero in New Hampshire. I am glad to see that both Senators Clinton and McCain won their respective races tonight. Not that I am particularly in favor of either of them becoming President, but because I think they help keep the race honest.

Just last summer I and nearly everyone else had written off McCain...his campaign was in shambles. . .people were quitting, and the money was drying up. Has he cleaned up his act, or is he lucky to have Huck and Giuliani and Romney dicing each other up, and is able to sneak into the breach?

As for Hillary, she made an amazing comeback overnight--only yesterday she was running at least 7-10% behind Obama. Did this mini-comeback spring from the piling on from the press over the last two days, and a public reaction? Or were the press, pundits, and pollsters just wrong? I don't know, but I want her to remain in the race to keep Edwards and Obama honest. Even if Obama is destined to be the nominee, I'd like to see him go through a grueling primary season just to toughen up for the general election. He has had a tendency to pull back when attacked. . .and the attacks he's suffered from the Dems will look like creampuffs when the Republicans start lobbing anti-personnel bombs. I think it's important for Barack to learn to play hardball. Early on he showed signs of being gun-shy. He has to be able to do more than just make great speeches and talk about change. He's not alone of course...in the debate last weekend, the Democrats on stage mentioned change 61 times. And the G.O.P. candidates used the word 30 times.

That's some margin of error in that poll!


Del said...

Jack, I think your feministic sympathy article from yesterday is the main cause for her win tonight. Wayda go! Go sip some Boston tea and the transformation into a woman will surely be complete.

Jack Brummet said...

Do your parents know you are out there trolling the internet???