Saturday, March 29, 2008

Poem: The riptide beneath my feet

Standing by the sea
The riptide sucks the sand
From beneath my heels

Every time it happens
I feel just a hemidemisemiquaver
Of panic that the holes will open up

And a succubus will grab my ankles
Or the holes will open up and I'll fall
Straight down to China

I've felt that same panicked moment
In Greece in Malibu and the O.C.
On San Francisco Bay

In North Africa and in Kalaloch
At Tatoosh and La Push and Big Sur
In Spain on Crete and at Montauk

It's all part of the seven seas
Which aren't seven seas at all
But one big ocean circling the earth

And if you are 75% of anything
You get to do pretty much
What you want where and when you want

We can pollute it bridge it and tunnel under it
But the ocean has always had and always will
Have a mind of its own.


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