Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Poem: That Cold Island Far Across The Sea

Walking among the Turks on cobblestone streets
And seeing the kids rebel against The Moslem Way
Confirms they're people just like you and me

Working for what their hearts say is right.
Sending in the troops, fighting over oil
And throwing stones

Doesn't come from the people
But it ends there.
When I see them smile

As they listen to music
On the street
I get it.

They like ice cream just like you.
They like music just like me,
And if it were up to us

We'd all get along just fine.
As I walk the streets of Istanbul,
I almost get the feeling--

When I see their smiles
And hear their music
And even when I witness their indifference--

We're edging toward goodness,
And the time of mindless division
Is coming to an end.

We're edging toward the day
We throw the rifles down
And Moslem, Christian, Jew, atheist,

Infidel, Catholic and Baptist
Stand together as one,
And shuck the bonds of money, oil,

Lust, ambition, and madness,
And give each other bear hugs
As we watch the leaders

Who thrive on our divisions trundled off
Onto a boat that takes them away
To that cold island far across the sea.


megan curran sanchez said...

Hey Jack- Eric and I left Turkey feeling hopeful about the world for the very reasons you describe in your poem. Turkey is a Muslim country but the people there like to live. It is like the warm air blowing off the sea melts narrow mindedness. Keep the poems and blogs coming. It helps me to not feel like a cow as I pump my breastmilk!

Jack Brummet said...

Thank you Megan...we are having a great time and will miss seeing you, Eric, and Otis at the reunion.

I'm pretty sure we will see you sometime this summer by hook or by crook! At the very least Keebles on her summer of leisure will be there and I will sure try.

Have a good reunion. Love -- JohnnieJackJohn