Monday, June 30, 2008

Poem: Moslems vs. Nazarenes vs. Pagans

Moslem shepherds steal ınto the strange caves wıth paintıngs
And scratch the eyes out and throw stones at the heads
of figures on the frescoes.

The Crusades.

The Christians charge in
And carve crosses into the foreheads
Of fallen statues in the Roman ruins

Like somehow that will make up for
Whatever they did or didn't belıeve

A lot of us don't belıeve this
But they were all people just like you and me.
And ın some strange way
They were just all tryıng to save each other.


Anonymous said...

Love the reports but can't believe you are doing this without us. Miss you and can't wait to hear the reports when you get home. The food?????

Anonymous said...

that was from us hokits

Jack Brummet said...

Dear Hokits ---Here it comes. Check the posts above. It would b e so great to have you all here with us.

It almost seems lke cheating to be here without you. It makes Bucerias seem doubly good this year--to have snuck in that trip so suddenly ands how great it turned out. This has been aq very good trip so far, with a few blow-ups and squabbles, most often a Cobbles-squabble. But they have been few and far between. We're moving to Greece tomorrow. Rhodes is just an hour away by boat. Internet action is spotty here, so I am today uploading a bunch of new stuff.


Senor Juack