Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Poem: Sailing To Athens


In a pale grey fog,
I see the ghosts
Of ancient Helleniki mariners

Sailing phantom steamships, sloops,
Prams, dories, catamarans, dinghies,
Trawlers, purse-seiners, frigates and tugboats

Across the cerulean blue sea,
Trawling for the fish
That are phantoms now too.


Wine, saffron, ruby-red, pale lemon;
Emerals peppers, rocket, and capers;
Pink carpusi, crystal white Ouzo;

Cheeses in every tint
From snow white to ivory,
Cream, tan, grey, and muted gold.


Gifts of olive oil, wine, raki, ouzo,
Apricots, plums, cake, ice cream,
Citron, carpusi, sorbet, wildflowers,

More caprusi, poetry, more ouzo, and songs
Sung on the street
Direct from the heart.


I leave with a song in my heart
And knowing whatever we sing, eat, play,
Drink, wear, smoke, worship, or dream,

They're all just people
Like you and me.
Amen. Selah. Namaste.

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