Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Was Matt Drudge race-baiting yesterday?

By Pablo Fanque
All This Is That National Affairs Editor

Something on The Drudge Report yesterday struck me as playing the race card. Matt Drudge posted a link to a Reuters article on Yahoo News titled "Obama goes door-to-door to drum up votes in Ohio." The Reuters article used this photograph from the Associated Press:

The Drudge Report, however, used the same title for their teaser, but included an entirely different photograph:

Isn't this playing the race card? I guess, they could have put a subtitle "Obama molests Blonde Norwegian-American soccer mom." but I may just be a little suspicious after the all the race baiting we saw over the weekend in the Palin-McCain campaign.

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Anonymous said...

I just happened to end up on your blog because I Googled "Drudge race baiting" and this was about the fifth entry. Please also see Drudge's link to the first stories about Colin Powell endorsing Obama, which Drudge illustrated with a picture of Powell striking a "Saturday Night Fever" pose onstage somewhere with Kanye West an another young, smartly dressed African American entertainer who I didn't recognize. Also, please see today's (Oct. 21) banner link to a Zogby write-up predicting a Reagan-like landslide for Obama. The picture, dozens of African Americans (pastors, maybe? It's hard to tell) bowing their heads and reaching out to to Obama in the center. It's hardly subliminal.