Monday, November 03, 2008

"Because the night belongs to us"

Today. . .this night, does belong to us, as Patty Smith and The Boss wrote decades ago.

After two long years of campaigning, we sit now in the eye of the hurricane, waiting for the next wave of the storm to hit. I've irritated most of my friends over the last couple months, when I wrote saying "be aware of the bear," that we had won nothing yet, that Democrats, had a pathetic record of closing the sale, and this time was no different.

McCain was actually a real threat. The gut-wrenching list of Stevenson, Humphrey, McGovern, Carter, Mondale, Dukakis, Gore, and Kerry give one pause.

But, alas, we've done it.


Kev said...

Well, I think you will admit that, of your friends, I have been among the more bullish on Obama and I am nervous or giddy, I can't tell. In any case, he has run a masterful campaign - from Springfield to election day - and it hasn't hurt that he's gotten very lucky with external forces.

How about a nod to Howard Dean's stewardship of the 50 state strategy that had Rahm and Schumer pissed off only two years ago?

Jack Brummet said...

You know, Howard Dean laid the ground for the whole small donation internet thing too, without which...who knows where Barack would be? Maybe dropped out when Biden did?

It's still nerve racking, with all these admittedly highly unlikely scenarious, where Barack wins by 10 million in the voting, but electorally loses three key states and is edged out.

But it ain't going to happen.

If only the senate becomes filibuster proof. . .we can not only punish that rat-bastard Crazy Joe, but really make some changes and start pressuring Supreme Court judges to retire!

Kev said...

Now you're talkin'.