Saturday, November 01, 2008

Bible Sex Stories

I just discovered the Bible Sex Stories website. It could almost be a cousin to The Brick Testament, which presents Bible stories in Lego format. . .I suspect this site will keep growing (as The Brick has done), but for now it lists the following stories and illustrations:

Lot's Family Affair
Abraham Visits The Maid
Onan Spills His Seed
David and Jonathan Undressed
David's Virgin Bedwarmer
Ruth & Naomi

Just off the top of my head, they need stories for The Song of Solomon, Song of Songs, various canticles, Judah and the Prostitute, Esther, The Book of Ruth, the rapes of Tamar and Dinah (which strictly speaking, aren't sex at all), or Genesis 14-17:

14 During wheat harvest, Reuben went out into the fields and found some mandrake plants, which he brought to his mother Leah. Rachel said to Leah, "Please give me some of your son's mandrakes."

15 But she said to her, "Wasn't it enough that you took away my husband? Will you take my son's mandrakes too?" "Very well," Rachel said, "he can sleep with you tonight in return for your son's mandrakes."

16 So when Jacob came in from the fields that evening, Leah went out to meet him. "You must sleep with me," she said. "I have hired you with my son's mandrakes." So he slept with her that night.

17 God listened to Leah, and she became pregnant and bore Jacob a fifth son.

And there's plenty more Bible Sex than that. They've hit a rich vein here. . .one I expect they'll be mining for some time.

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