Sunday, December 14, 2008

Our Lady of Guadalupe: Stark Naked!--> Playboy gets Mother Mary to pose naked for their cover

A smoldering version of The Virgin of Guadalupe appears on the cover of the Mexican version of Playboy that hit the stands last Thursday. Playboy Mexico’s editor Gabriel Bauducco decided to put a nude Virgin Mary on its cover, and the Mexican newspaper El Diario reported that the magazine has already sold over 80 thousand copies.

The magazine features a model--Maria Florencia Onori--naked except for a white cloth over her head. A banner , “Te adoramos, Maria,” (We adore you, Mary) appears on the cover, as well.

In one of the pictures, the model seems to be posing next to a church. Playboy sources said that photographer David Eisenberg’s intentions were not to make the model look like Virgin Mary. Nyuk, nyuk. On the other hand, the magazine was purposely timed to be released before the Virgin of Guadalupe Day, a Mexican holiday based upon the Virgin's appearance before a Mexican child on December 12, 1951. ---o0o---

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