Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Alien Lore No. 161 - Alien Implant Rejection Techniques

Cerebral eviction was in times past
Always fatal.
You used an axe
To force open the skull
And remove the ganglion.
There was no question
Of the “patient’s” survival.
In our enlightened times
The Alien Rejection Technique is employed.
The ganglion is poisoned within the host
And half the patients survive.
As the alien ganglion is rejected
Or forcibly removed,
It emits a distress pulse
On the Hive mindband
And every hive member
Within five miles
Responds to the call to arms.
Within minutes the Hive swarms
To the location of the distress pulse
And instead of one alien,
You are now faced
With dozens from the Hive
With one purpose:
To end your tenure on earth.
With unfeeling insect eyes
They march dead ahead,
Converging upon you.

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