Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What if you searched for your birth parents and found out one of them was Charles Manson?

"I'm a peaceful person - trapped in the face of a monster."  Thanks to Bill Schneider for sending along this fascinating, and sad, story.

As many other adopted children have, Matthew Roberts went searching for his biological parents with mixed emotions of excitement and trepidation.   Roberts, who bears an incredible resemblance to his dad--with a lot less crazy mixed in--has been in touch, but not too close of touch, with his father who is serving a life term for murder(s).  Although Manson sent him his prison phone number years ago, he has never been able to bring himself to call.  His mother, whom he found first, "always believed Manson was the father of the baby she gave up for adoption. And after seeing a picture of Matthew, her worst nightmare was confirmed."

Read the story from The Sun here

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