Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Official White House photo of the party crashers Michaele and Tareq Salahi

A fox news transcript of an interview with the hairdresser:

JENKINS: We are here at Erwin Gomez's Salon and Spa, Washington's premiere place to come, if you need hair and makeup, like the Salahis needed in the hours before crashing the big party at the White House.

ERWIN GOMEZ, SALON OWNER: This is where she got her make-up.

JENKINS: This was it? So Michaele Salahi sat here. How long did it take to do?

GOMEZ: It took a good one hour for me to be able to do her makeup and I helped her style her outfit, her sari and -- but she was here for about seven hours.

JENKINS: You got to do the hair of Michaele Salahi?


JENKINS: You did it here, how long did it take? What was it like, what's she's talking about.

IOAKIM: I asked her, so, how did you get invited? And she told me she got an invitation in the mail and she told me that she --- shortly after, they called the White House to make sure that what she -- if her gown was appropriate, like what she should would wear, and she wanted to wear a sari, that she also told me it was designed for her -- it was made for her.
So as we're talking I was asking her, just because I was a little curious, you know, what does the invitation look like? Do you have it with you? Because I knew they were coming going from the salon to this event, so how can you not have the invitation with you? She looked through her bag and she didn't find anything, and so she said it might be in the limo, like she just...

JENKINS: She was casual about not having an invite to the White House.

IOAKIM: Right, right.

JENKINS: The first state dinner.

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