Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Painting (analog): Map 13

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Susan said...

I love your maps! Just the other day I was admiring the one that you made for Daryle years ago. Oh, what I'd give for a hike up the coast of the Edam peninsula!

Jack Brummet said...

I really like making them--but they take forever! OK...the next one's for you Suze. Or is Sooz or Sooze correct? Or does it irritate you when I use the ooze ending? I mean names are a sensitice thing. I am pretty much addressed as Jack, Johnnie, and John every day. But one thing I do not take truck with is Jon without an H, or Jonathan or Jonathon. Now, I know some wonderful people with that appellation, but it just doesn't work for me (Sorry 'Sto and Jono--BTW, I've never been actually sure how to spell Jono!).

Are we going to see you sometime before Christmas? I hope so.


PS - working on a new blog..."President Sarah Palin."