Monday, December 07, 2009

Video: The Milo Petersen trio live at Jack Straw Studios

A recording of the Milo Petersen Trio at Jack Straw Studios in Seattle, WA 9/20/08.

I've known Milo ,a/k/a Chris, since we were one year old--our parents were friends, and we were sometimes babysat together way back when. His band, The Jazz Disciples, released a CD "Visiting Dignitaries" a few years ago. It even includes a great tune he wrote for me and Keelin ("The Good") that clocks in at eleven minutes. He performed the song at our wedding, with Loch Clark (trumpet), Doug Ostgaard (sax), Cheryl Hardwick (piano), and--I think?--Moise Lucas on drums. I can't remember who played the bass.

Milo Petersen - Guitar
Chuck Kistler - Bass
Brad Boal - Drums
Doug Haire - Production
Brad Boal - Video Edit
Sonarchy Radio is a Jack Straw Production


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