Monday, April 12, 2010

Legendary Seattle landmark The Lusty Lady to close

It's the economic slump, and according to the manager, high quality porn on the internet; whatever the cause, The Lusty Lady is closing.  Their revenues have declined every year since 1998 (or, roughly since the internet became widely available). In Seattle, The Lusty Lady, a downtown nude peep show (right across the street from the Seattle Art Museum) is best known for the double entendres on its marquee.

The Lusty Lady will close in June. Some recent marquees: "Happy Spanksgiving" "Happy Nude Year," "Seasons Squeezings," and "Always Open, Never Clothed."

A post from All This Is That a few years ago, lists some of their more notable marquee titles:  Some Classic Porn Movie Titles from the Lusty Lady

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