Monday, April 05, 2010

A sad day for Ballard, and most of all, the friends and families of Kellen Jones, Spenser Millard, and Mike Turner

Kellen "Bobo" Jones is my second cousin, the son of my cousin Dave, and his wife Kelly Jones (I am half Jones), and brother of Dylan. He died tragically, with two of his best friends in Ballard on Easter. Kellen was a football legend and well-loved boy about Ballard. . .the guy everyone likes, and about whom people always have something nice to say. My heart goes out to Dave, Kelly, and Dylan. This is heartbreaking. But it is also a time to celebrate how many lives he touched, and read and listen to the many testimonies of people who loved him and were touched by his generous heart.

We're all in this together, but there is no way we can know or really share the depth of loss this great family feels.


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Anonymous said...

Oh that's so horrible. I hope for the girl and her family.