Monday, September 13, 2010

Alien Lore No. 181 - Grey caught on camera in Argentina?

[Thanks to Jeff Clinton for the link...]

According to Michael Cohen at, "UFO researchers have been taken by surprise by recent UFO/alien event that took place in South America."

On August 8th, a news crew was doing a live broadcast on TV in Santa Cruz, Argentina-- a "known alien hotspot," when a Grey appeared in the distance. 

The video was broadcast live on Argentina's Channel Two.  The Grey/EBE/alien is seen moving towards a woman being interviewed.

The crew and many viewers who recorded the broadcast say this was the same live film that streamed on TV and has not been edited or altered.

According to, "...Santa Cruz is a major UFO hot spot and this publication has reported many times on events in this area. Amazingly, last year staff at a local restaurant also saw and photographed what they thought was an alien watching them from a distance. These events suggest that a UFO base might exist somewhere in the area."

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