Saturday, September 11, 2010

Pablo Fanque and Mona Goldwater cancel the "2,000 Bible bonfire on a bed of American flag kindling" counterdemonstration after Dr. Terry Jones/Dove suspend their Quran burning party

They appear to be out of cell phone range at the moment, but Pablo and Mona left me a lengthy voice mail yesterday afternoon from "somewhere near Memphis," where they had just learned that the Quran burning in Gainesville, FLA had been cancelled. They had clearly been "celebrating" their apparent triumph.

You may remember that early in the week, Pablo loaded up a pickup with 2,000 Bibles, and fifty American flags ("for kindling") and began barreling toward Florida to mount a serious, and quite possibly, dangerous confrontation.

"a counteroffensive against the crackers, ass-clowns, and pinheads who are about to torch a stack of Qurans." - Pablo Fanque (All This Is That National Affairs Editor)

Pablo and Mona

Midway through the voicemail, Mona Goldwater took the phone and told me, slurring even more than Fanque, that they were drinking at a rest stop just outside of Memphis, and giving away their large stock of Bibles and American Flags to surprised fellow travellers.  "We'll sleep here overnight and get back on the road to Seattle at first light.  We did it! I mean, I get that it wasn't us alone, but I don't think even that publicity-whore Terry Jones wanted to see our Quran and American flag bonfire."

Two articles from earlier in the week on the Fanque/Goldwater road trip and demonstration:

Pablo Fanque, Mona Goldwater, and company on the road to "Burn a Koran Day" at Dove World Outreach Center in FLA

I plan to light up 2,000 Bibles on a bed of 50 American Flags in Florida on September 11th

"Dr." Terry Jones.  Bookburner


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