Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Mario Cuomo's words from 1984 sound similar to our situation today, except The GOP has had another quarter century to redistrbute the wealth upwards...

Mario Cuomo in his keynote address at the 1984 Democratic Convention:

"Now, how important is this question of the deficit. Think about it practically: What chance would the Republican candidate have had in 1980 if he had told the American people that he intended to pay for his so-called economic recovery with bankruptcies, unemployment, more homeless, more hungry, and the largest government debt known to humankind? If he had told the voters in 1980 that truth, would American voters have signed the loan certificate for him on Election Day? Of course not! That was an election won under false pretenses. It was won with smoke and mirrors and illusions. And that's the kind of recovery we have now as well."

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