Saturday, February 12, 2011

Egypt's 18 Day Revolution: Free At Last? Maybe. Hopefully?

By Jack Brummet
Arab Affairs Editor

I had to laugh when I saw this headline, especially the sub-head "Military In Control."  Either we've drastically lowered the bar, or Hosni Mubarak was an even  bigger S.O.B. than I ever thought. 

When before have we ever decided a country was free when the military took control?  Granted, the military showed far more wisdom and foresight than Ex-President Mubarak. . .at least at the end.  They too, however, were flummoxed by the country's reaction to Mubarak's "hand over power" ruse.  But when the masses once again arose in anger, the army knew it was game over.  In the next day they apparently (no one knows for sure yet what exactly happened) made it clear to the President he no longer had their support, which set the stage for his resignation.  So it is not a junta or coup d'etat, but hopefully a caretaker military government that will arrange for elections, and hand over their own power to a newly-elected leader.  We hope.


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