Saturday, February 19, 2011

Joseph Stalin and Keanu Reeves (and Stalin/Borat and Stalin/Hitler/Obama)

Jeff Clinton recently sent us the Joseph Stalin photo on the left, which reminded us of Keanu Reeves, so we put them together (and grey scaled and aged the Keanu photo, so it would match).

I emailed results to Dean Ericksen, who then responded with more Stalin photograph sets.   These are, unlike the one above, the more traditional and later photographs of Stalin we see all the time.



Anonymous said...

ДА ЗДРАВСТВУЕТ КОММУНИСТИЧЕСКАЯ ПАРТИЯ!!! ДЕЛО СТАЛИНА БУДЕТ ЖИТЬ ВЕЧНО!!! Таких живых, смелых, блестящих глаз, как у товарища Сталина больше нет! А этот помятый мудак явно с перепоя.)

Anonymous said...

hmmm borat wtf?????no way... he was great Georgian