Wednesday, March 23, 2011 is back!

After a hiatus of about two years, the website is back.  Merlin Mann has a sweet web site with many lists of five. I like lists. Some of my favorites from his earlier run:

Five actors I prefer not to visualize having intercourse
Broderick Crawford
Rondo Hatton
Richard Dawson
Paul Lynde
Curly Joe DeRita

Five people with whom to never start a conversation on MUNI
Needy-looking guy in kilt
Fat man with enormous parrot on his shoulder
Chinese lady quietly trimming her toenails
Stinky guy talking animatedly to fat guy’s parrot
Smirky guy taking numerous phonecam pictures of stinky guy, fat guy, and parrot

Five congressional terms that sound kind of dirty
Minority Whip
discretionary appropriations
discharge petition
franking privileges

Five total scams in high school
class rings
cap and gown fees
Who’s Who Among American High School Students
assemblies featuring christian rock bands

Five things it’s probably better not to do when you’re kind of drunk
buy domain names
hire an attorney
do lots of file management from the command line
sort out your finances
telephone people you remember fondly from elementary school

Five things it would probably be disingenuous for me to rap about
the streets
my bitches
thug life
popping a cap in your ass
my milkshake

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