Monday, August 22, 2011

47 years ago today, The Beatles first played Seattle and fished from their hotel room window

Three bucks!

By Jack Brummet
Rock Editor

47 years ago today, The Beatles first appeared in Seattle at the Seattle Center Coliseum (now called The Arena) and fished from their hotel room at The Edgewater Inn.  According to an article by Greg Lange and Alan J. Stein on

"That evening, the opening acts took to the stage beginning at 8:00 p.m. At 9:25 disc jockey Pat O’Day from radio station KJR, Seattle's leading Rock and Roll station, introduced the Beatles. The crowd went wild.

Ringo fishes from his hotel room at The Edgewater Inn on Elliott Bay

"Screaming fans made the noise in the Coliseum deafening and few if any could hear the songs. The Beatles played: "All My Lovin’," "Twist and Shout," "You Can’t Do That," "She Loves You," "Can’t Buy Me Love," "If I Fell In Love With You," "I Wanna Hold Your Hand," "Boys" (sung solo by Ringo Starr), and "Roll Over Beethoven." They ended the concert with "Long Tall Sally."

"During the concert, hundreds of teenage girls rushed the stage in the hopes of catching the eyes of their idols. Police and firefighters did their best to prevent injuries, but 35 people required first aid treatment, ranging from bumps and bruises to all-out hysteria. One girl was restrained on a stretcher, all the while screaming "Paul! I love you!"

"The Beatles waited an hour before leaving the Coliseum in the rear of an ambulance that returned them to the heavily guarded Edgewater Inn on the waterfront. They earned $34,569 for their performance."

I got to see them there two years later, when I was 13.  That was one of their final shows.  After leaving Seattle, they played two shows in California, and never played in public again except for the famous rooftop concert around their album.


Hanny said...

Very cool! It's neat to think that the Beatles were right in our own backyard, enjoying Washington. I suppose their stay at the Edgewater was a lot more polite than Led Zeppelin's was a few years later.

Dean Ericksen said...

Vanilla Fudge.

Denise said...

I was 2 years old, living just blocks from The Edgewater; I can't imagine how excited my late mother must have been!