Friday, August 05, 2011

Do you also feel like we've been "corn-cobbed" in the last six weeks?

By Jack Brummet
Editor In Chief

As some of you know, we are political junkies.  But, alas, recent events have nearly stripped politics of it's entertainment value.   I have had many moments these last forty years of being disgusted with politics--but always on a more cellular level, not systemically, like I feel today.  I first felt disgust about Agnew and Nixon, and there have been plenty of candidates on both sides of the aisle (and with the 3rd partiers like Ralph "the dingbat" Nader, or Ross Perot).  If you're a reader of All This Is That, you may have noticed the dearth of political articles over the last six weeks.  We've felt alternately depressed, disgusted, and paralyzed with fear. It's been hard to muster the resources to even address the depressing political situation in America.

The United States of America has 537 elected officials.  It's time we threw the bums out.    All 537 of them.  BHO, Crazy Joe Biden (a personal favorite), The House of Representatives, and The Senate. It's never actually 537, since at any given time at least a few of them will be embroiled in a sex scandal, under indictment for skullduggery, caught with their hands in the till, or, sadly, struggling with health issues like Congressman Gabby Giffords, and--there's usually a couple of fossils like Senator Robert Byrd or Jesse Helms that are functionally useless.  But I digress.  It's more than time to make a clean sweep.

I don't think I'll feel this way next week, but I feel violated, as we all should.  Politics at it's highest and best, is about give and take, compromise and honest debate.  We've seen so little of that in this deficit mess that it is truly disheartening.  I like real politics; I like hardball politics.  What we have seen in the last two months is cynical and self-serving mindless bickering by 537 overpaid hacks in $2,000 suits.  I feel like I need to take a shower.

It may just be time to take it to the streets.

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