Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Not To Scale - Smoke Farm LoFi Arts Festival (Photos) & Cafe Nordo treehouse dinner

By Jack Brummet, Arts Editor

I spent last Saturday at the Not To Scale - Smoke Farm LoFi Arts Festival at Smoke Farm
near Arlington, WA.  The festival features site-specific work in all visual and performance media--all spread across something like 300 acres a couple of rivers, creeks, and rugged hills.  Perhaps the most interesting thing we did that day was the Cafe Nordo dinner.    After you signed up (21 of us), they told you to come to the barn sober at 6:00 with good walking shoes. We paid our $20, were blindfolded and driven about ten minutes to a trailhead. Then we made the brutal hike to our dining destination, fording three creeks, dozens of fallen trees, and muddy steep hills up and down. But then we arrived at a beautiful treehouse 30 feet up an old and very large cedar tree, where were fed excellent chow paired with very good wines (see the menu, below).

Titanium Sporkestra plays at the bonfire (love these guys)

Daryle and Susan at the bonfire.  Daryle ran a great treat shack at the fest.

A sculpture that becomes part of an aerial performance

A tree in a tree 0n the hike to our treehouse dinner

Susan at the treehouse, with the salad granita

Our servers by the hoist

Michael by the tree

the menu

Titanium Sporkestra

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