Friday, April 06, 2012

Banda Music in Sayulita, Nayarit

By Jack Brummet, Mexico Travel Editor

On the beach in Sayulita today, there were thousands of Mexican tourists. The Americans and Canadians have largely cleared out (this is true of our other visits April, the Americans stop coming and the Mexicans have their beaches back).  A couple clips of the drum band (and of whom I unfortunately failed to get a great clip of) and the marching band (tuba, three trombones, three trumpets, two drummers, two clarinetists, and a flugel horn player) are below.  The drum band clip includes some pretty enthusiastic booty shaking by an audience member.

I am going to write in detail about this later, but Sayulita--far different than we experienced before, when it was a pretty sleepy surfing village)--is a lot like Fort Lauderdale in the day.  By noon or so, most of the younger folk were clutching and swilling quarts of Pacifico and Modelo. 

Banda Buchona
The tuba player, soloing for KeeKee (I think he was sweet on her)


The unnamed drum band and their booty-shaking fan

Today, there were at least two bands playing, and sometimes competing.  Interestingly, neither of the bands even passed the hat. . .or sold CDs...


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